The Manor of Earith

Historical notes about the Manor of Earith, Huntingdonshire, England, UK


Abbot of Ely Arms

The Armorial Bearings of the Abbot of Ely.

The Armorial Bearings of the Abbot of Ely.


The manor of EARITH was probably included in the early grants of Bluntisham; it is not mentioned in the Domesday Survey (1086). At the division of the estates between the Bishop of Ely and the prior and convent about 1108, Earith seems to have been retained by the bishop. The bishop was holding in 1279. The principal profits from the manor were the fishery and the ferry, for which returns are made in the accounts of the bailiff and other officers of the bishop.

In 1318 the bishop was granted a weekly market on Wednesdays, and a fair on the vigil, feast and morrow of St. James. King James I confirmed this grant, and added two other fairs, on St. George's day and All Saints' day, 'to the tenants of Prince Charles in the vill of Earith.'

The manor of Earith became absorbed into the soke of Somersham, with which it is now held.